Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday Bucks Notes

  • Beijing-based blogger Jonathan Ansfield offers a great summary of the Yi Jianlian situation here.
    Alas Team Yi’s fighting a losing public relations battle. Virtually everyone, save Yi’s American agent and his Cantonese team – his biggest and most powerful stakeholders – thinks Yi should sign and suit up with the Bucks this season. NBA rules dictate that if he is to play in the league next year, he must. The 2008 Chinese Olympics squad clearly needs him, as well and Chinese basketball authorities granted him unprecedented permission to join the entire pre-draft road show, fully anticipating that he would. The vast majority of Chinese fans, Internet polls and bulletin board have shown, are vehemently pushing him to go to Milwaukee.
  • Andrew Bogut did a radio interview in Australia. Listen here. He talks a little about coming back from his foot injury and also mentions that at this stage of his career he'd prefer a gold medal with Australia to an NBA title.
  • In his latest mailbag, Bill Simmons assigns Yi Jianlian his new nickname: The Chairman.
    Q: I know it's pretty obvious, but Yi Jianlian's nickname has to be "The Chairman," right?
    --M. Filion, Montreal

    SG: Has to be. There hasn't been a more effective nickname in years. Not only does it sound like the right nickname for him ("Chairman Yi"), but the joke-trapped-inside-the-joke (during ESPN's lottery show, there was video of Yi posting up actual chairs and spinning around them for layups) will never stop being funny. And when you think about it, we haven't been able to call anyone "The Chairman" since Sinatra died. So it's done -- we're calling Yi "The Chairman." This meeting is adjourned.

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