Monday, August 6, 2007

Redd Talks About Team USA, Bucks

Charles Gardner spoke to Michael Redd about competing for Team USA as well as (more importantly IMO) what he thought of the Bucks' offseason:

Redd has been spending time at home with his wife, Achea, and son, Michael Redd II, born earlier this summer. But he also has been watching the Bucks' off-season moves, including the drafting of 7-foot power forward Yi Jianlian and the free-agent signings of Desmond Mason and Mo Williams.

"I'm happy to see Desmond come back," Redd said. "That's my buddy.

"We were a pretty good tandem while he was there (from 2003-'05). He's explosive and athletic, a very high-energy guy. I just love playing with that type of guy. Plus, we became good friends off the court; we did everything together.

"And I'm glad to see Mo back. I talked to him and he's excited about coming back."

Williams, in a way, has emulated Redd as a second-round pick who has earned a lucrative long-term contract. The 24-year-old Williams was signed to a six-year, $52 million deal after playing the past three seasons for the Bucks and starting 68 games at point guard last season.

Redd, the 43rd overall pick in the 2000 draft, signed a six-year, $91 million maximum contract in the summer of 2005.

"I told him the challenge now is to get better, not to just sign a contract and get relaxed and get comfortable," Redd said. "But take it to another level now."

Redd said Yi had a chance to make an impact if the Chinese star decides to sign with the Bucks.

"It's good for the city of Milwaukee," Redd said. "You see what happened to Houston once Yao Ming got there. Plus, the kid can play.

"He can help us out immediately. He's going to compete for that job; that job is wide open."

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