Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Tuesday Bucks Notes

Awvee Storey: Please don't pull one of these on Mike Redd in practice

  • Awvee Storey's signing has finally been made official. We've already discussed his good times with Gilbert Arenas and one-man fight with Marty Andriuskivicius, but I also just found a clip of him breaking a dude's rib while boxing out in a German league game earlier this year. I don't think you'd want to run into Awvee in a game down at the Y.
  • The Bucks now have 12 players officially under contract, with Charlie Bell, Ramon Sessions and Yi Jianlian remaining unsigned. The Bucks exhausted their cap space by signing Desmond Mason and Jake Voskuhl and they also don't have the Mid-Level or Bi-Annual exceptions because they were renounced to free up cap space, so the Bucks can now sign additional outside free agents for no more than the veteran's minimum. Bell (Early Bird exception), Sessions (rookie exception) and Yi (rookie exception) can be signed regardless of the Bucks' cap situation. But don't expect any "name" free agents to sign.
  • Teams are required to have 12 players active for each game, and can additionally have up to three inactive players on the roster. Should the Bucks sign Bell, Yi, and Sessions they would be at the roster maximum of 15, but could bring in additional players to camp and then cut down the roster before the season starts. It's also possible they could open camp with 15 players and cut a player like Storey if his contract is non-guaranteed (I'm not sure if it is, however). Last year the Bucks cut Ha Seung-Jin and his NG'ed contract and went into the season with 14 players on the roster. It's likely that Sessions (assuming Bell re-signs) and Markota (because he's not very good at basketball) will both start the year in the D-League, so I'd be surprised if Storey wasn't kept. The Bucks had him in the summer league, so theoretically they should have a decent idea of what he can do.
  • The Bucks' Energee dancers might not be quite as, uh, talented as the Heat dancers, but they try. And they don't get paid, so you won't see me giving them a hard time. Bucks.com has pictures and video from their recent tryouts. They also recently went to China (not to woo Yi Jianlian unfortunately) and blogged about it.

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