Monday, September 24, 2007

More Monday Notes

  • Charlie Bell answered a bunch of questions from RealGM posters on his MySpace blog. The questions come from here, so it's a little hard to match them up, but it's funny how CB has become a man of the people these past few weeks. He's also got some interesting responses and has pledged to answer questions once a month or so:
    • On the rumors that the front office had a very specific reason for not re-signing Ruben Patterson: "I'd like to know too, he was my partner on D"
    • On who makes the front office decisions, Larry Harris or "Kohl and his Cronies": "Cronies"
  • Michael Redd sounds confident in today's Boston Globe. Asked about the Celtics' acquisition of Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen, Redd was PC but not overly so.

    "Any time you get a chance to get three future Hall of Famers, you got to take that opportunity. It's a great move. At the same time, I don't think anyone's intimidated by that team in the East. But it's a terrific move for Boston. They need to win right now."
    They also asked him who he's picking this season.

    "Milwaukee Bucks," he said. "If we get healthy, we got a chance to do great things. We're under the radar, which is cool."
  • Brian Skinner might be close to signing with Phoenix. Meanwhile, Earl Boykins is probably wondering why he turned down his $3 million player option with the Bucks. He has been mentioned as a possibility in Cleveland and Boston, but even coming off a career year all signs point to him taking a pay cut next season.

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