Monday, September 3, 2007

Yi and China vs. Melbourne Tigers

Yi Jianlian scored 19 points along with 12 rebounds and two blocks in 25 minutes in the Chinese National Team's 69-56 win over the Melbourne Tigers, an Aussie NBL team that is doing a tour of China at the moment. This was Yao Ming's first game for China this summer, so it was a chance to see how Yi would play now that China's only superstar was back in the fold. Yao had 12 points but is still working his way back into shape, so Yi largely deferred to Yao while they were on the court together. Still, Yi managed to put on a good show for his hometown fans, including a handful of dunks and nice moves in the post. Former NBA players Chris Anstey and Martin Muursepp play for Melbourne, so there were at least two vaguely competent big men that the Chinese had to cope with. Check out Yi's video highlights above. The video from this site sometimes loads slowly, so you might want to start it, pause it immediately, and then let it load fully.

UPDATE: Australia's The Age and Charles Gardner at the JS also have stories on this game. I had originally reported Yi went for 20/10 but the latest is 19/12...either way you get the drift.

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