Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday Bucks Notes

Yi vs. the Brisbane Bullets

  • Yi Jianlian led China past the Australian NBL's Brisbane Bullets 82-67 with 20 points and 10 rebounds in 20 minutes. Check out Yi's video highlights above or here.
  • Just because Charlie Bell has signed his contract doesn't mean he's not keeping things interesting. First off, on his MySpace blog his headline is a shout out to RealGM poster Sigra, the Bucks' biggest (and perhaps only) fan in Bosnia. Otherwise he hasn't exactly done a 180 since the Bucks matched his offer:
    What I've learned from this whole experience???... "IT'S A BUSINESS"

    I've always looked at my team and it's staff as an extension of my family. This is the culture I learned playing in Europe and in college. This summer has taught me a lot. It's very different here, at least from my experiences. AFTER you sign with a team, you hear things like, we love you and need you and your special to us. It's just business, don't get emotions involved. But BEFORE you sign you hear things like, this is what you're worth, take it or leave it, we'll just have to replace you tomorrow then. Which one do you believe?

    That's why I was confused for awhile. People say I needed a thicker skin, I have one now, but I'm not quite sure if it's for the better. Maybe you guys can tell me. It has made me realize that when it comes to big business anywhere and in any profession, there's no real place for such words as "family" or "loyalty". Like they said in the paper, "Charlie's offer from us did not equal his production or value to the team. It's just how you treat restricted players." IT'S A BUSINESS. Dont' take it personal. Exactly right, and now I have learned that as well. So I'm happy now to be in the NBA and my goal is to get as many wins as possible.

    Oh BTW I like the city of Milwaukee and I Love the fans, always have and always will, I've never had a problem with the city or the fans. But that's sentiment right? No room for that stuff around here...LOL. Keep it together Charlie! It's a business! I also learned that I have to focus on the best opportunities for me at any given time, sentiment aside, because you never know when or if you'll ever get that chance again.

    Anyway, I look forward to having a great season this year, playing the best I can, and winning as many games as we can. As most people know, I am an MSU Spartan, so in the words of 300, "SPARTANNNS, what is your profession? Aooo! Aooo! Aooo! Let's get the season rolling baby!
    You can overanalyze the situation to death (as we already have), and at this point I'm not sure there's much reason to waste any more time with it. Charlie's a Buck and we can only assume he will continue to give his best on the court next season. Bell also stated that he left Milwaukee immediately after signing to be with a sick family member, which was the reason they will have to wait until camp begins to have a press conference.

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