Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Bogut's New Look

So for the past few days Australian Bucks fans have been talking about Andrew Bogut's new 'do that he broke out on an Australian talk show called The Nation last weekend. The last few years we've seen Bogut sporting various types of mops, frosted tips in the back, dyed black and of course the Italian soccer-style thin hairband. And now we finally have some video of his most daring 'do yet...and it's certainly, uh, interesting. Like, Drew Gooden interesting. Basically it's a shaved head with a little Jedi braid on the back, somewhat reminiscent of Jet Li in the "Once Upon a Time in China" movies. Who knows, maybe it will make Yi feel more at home. Apparently it's something of an homage to Aussie boxer Kostya Tszyu. Why does Andrew do it? Well, we know in the past it's always been about the ladies:

However, he doesn't have a girlfriend and he has resorted to black hair dye to attract women. "Yankee sheilas go off for the black hair," he says, laughing. "I'm thinking of doing something pretty stupid soon, too. Maybe a good old mullet."
As for the rest of the interview, there's not much substance. He alludes to the trouble he got into for his recent interview talking about the excesses of the NBA lifestyle, and when prodded about Milwaukee jokingly refers to the town's reputation as the drunkest and fattest city in America. The Milwaukee tourism board thanks you, Andrew! Believe it or not, Men's Fitness did some survey where Milwaukee ranked as the fifth fittest city in America. Ha! As for drunkest, well...fine, guilty as charged.

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