Tuesday, July 3, 2007

CV is down with Yi

Chuck Gardner reports that Charlie Villanueva is saying all the right things about new Bucks pick Yi Jianlian. A lot of people are sleeping on Villanueva after his injury plagued second season, but he's a guy who flourished with a chip on his shoulder as a rookie, and the questions over his health and defense will hopefully light a fire under him next season as well. Following season-ending shoulder surgery he has now begun shooting again and will accompany the Bucks' summer league team to Vegas. Some quotes:

"I think it was a good pick," Villanueva said. "He was the best player available at (No.) 6; I agree with the move. As far as him and me playing the same position, I'm not too much worried about that. The more versatility, the more depth we have on the team, the better we are."

"I actually started to shoot right-handed last week," Villanueva said, "when I was out in New York. It's feeling better. I feel like I'm a month away from being 100%. I'm very thrilled.

"I haven't had my shoulder feeling this good in a long time. There's still a little bit of pain, but not as much as when I didn't have the surgery."

Orthopedic surgeon David Altchek, who serves as the medical director for the New York Mets, performed Villanueva's surgery in late March.

"He knows what he's doing," Villanueva said. "If he's doing (Mets pitcher) Pedro Martinez's shoulder, I think I'll be fine."

If you want to see what CV has been up to of late, Charlie and his brother Robert are doing some video production stuff where they basically tape random stuff and put it on Youtube.

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