Thursday, July 12, 2007

Friday Bucks Notes

  • The Bucks took down the Hornets 72-58 in Vegas. Rookie PG Ramon Sessions had 11 points (including a pair of dunks), 4 rebounds and 4 assists while Lynn Greer chipped in 15 (and no assists). The Damir Markota Experience contributed 12/8/4.
  • The Mo Williams watch continues with some suggesting he's leaning towards the Bucks but nothing official yet.
  • The Yi Jianlian watch continues into its 16th day, with no resolution likely for a while. The Chinese team has a number of games left this summer so Yi will continue to hope for a trade while the Bucks wait. His camp seems content to wait things out for now, which isn't surprising given training camp doesn't start until October 1st. Until then there's nothing to be gained in practical terms by signing, except for some goodwill from Bucks fans (unfortunately not a compelling reason in all likelihood). But I don't buy for a second that they want to hold him out for a year so he can be in the '08 draft. He'd get murdered in PR terms back home for not preparing for the '08 games, he AND his club team would lose a ton of money by not playing at all, and he'd also hurt his own development a great deal. It just doesn't make sense. Don't be surprised if we're stuck in a holding pattern until late September.

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