Saturday, July 7, 2007

Yi's Summer League Debut

Some video highlights from last night's China NT-Grizzlies summer league game, along with the blow-by-blow. Definitely a promising first outing for Yi, who showed off his athleticism, post fundamentals and mid-range abilities. Lots of fouls and turnovers, but he seemed to figure things out as the game went on. We've heard he's not a post guy, and while he might not be able to bull over guys down low he looks to have a strong core/base that he uses to establish position. Once he has the ball he can handle it and knows how to use fakes and pivots to get his shot. The potential to be a dynamic offensive player is definitely there.

1st Q

  • Got dunked on rotating too late to get Alexander Johnson.
  • Missed hook shot in the lane. Got it on the right block, two dribbles backing down but shot too strong.
  • Offensive foul on a moving screen.
  • Fouled Alexander Johnson going up after penetration.
  • Missed 16 footer in the left corner.
  • Perimeter pass picked off by Rudy Gay for breakaway dunk.
  • Offensive foul on a moving screen.
  • One dribble, jab step and step back 18-footer from the left corner.
  • Missed 20-footer with the shot clock expiring.
  • Drove right from the 3-point line, drawing blocking foul on Rod Benson, could have been offensive.
  • Fadeaway 12-foot jumper on the right baseline over Alex Johnson.
  • One-handed offensive rebound in traffic, fouled as he went back up. Made 1-2.
  • Knocked away and went off him last for a TO on the right wing.
  • Fouled getting position, made 2-2.
  • Missed turnaround left baseline.
2nd Q
  • Blocked shot on one end, ran the court, got the ball in the lane, fake, dribble, dunk and foul on Rudy Gay. Made 1-1.
  • Easy dunk after getting open inside.
  • Missed 16-footer catch and shoot in the left corner.
  • Loose ball foul going for the rebound.
  • Face up left wing, drives in, posts, almost loses ball on double, gets the roll on 10-foot fadeaway in the lane.
  • Fouled battling Alex Johnson in the post.
  • Got dunked on by Gay on ridiculous reverse.
  • Fouled Gay driving to the hoop.
3rd Q
  • Position in the paint turns right and fouled going for lefty glasser. Made 2-2.
  • Fouled getting position in the paint.
  • Gets position on right block, backs down and fouled going up after multiple fakes and pivots. Made 2-2.
  • With shot-clock running down he had his pocket picked for TO by Conley on double team.
  • Huge dunk after sealing off defender down low.
  • Missed baseline fadeaway on left as double came.
  • Fouled on right block while doubled.
4th Q
  • Gets it on the left block, turns into the lane but misses righty hook strong.
  • Tips away entry pass as Alex Johnson tries to seal him.
  • Spins and blows by Alex Johnson right baseline out of post for dunk but foul called first.
  • Fouled off ball down low.
  • Fouled by Alex Johnson looking for position. Made 1-2.
  • Catch and shoot 19-footer from top of the key.

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