Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Wednesday Bucks Notes

Gery Woelfel chimes in with a new column focused primarily on Yi.

  • In defending the pick he rehashes the best player available argument, though he notes that while the Bucks weren't allowed to see Yi work out they could have still flown to China to meet with his club team officials.
  • Larry Harris is in Dallas and is hoping to meet with Yi today. I'm not altogether optimistic anything will be resolved, but face time would be a good start.
  • He notes that Phoenix, Philadelphia, Boston, Golden State, Seattle, New Jersey and Chicago all traveled to China last month, though he claims they also saw Yi there which I didn't think was possible--my impression is that he's been in LA since April and hasn't been back to China. I could be wrong though. Still, given Guangdong's ownership has a financial interest in Yi it certainly would have been nice to contact them before the draft.
  • Woelfel picks out the Warriors as the most logical trade partners because of the presence of Biedrins, Monta Ellis and new pick Brandan Wright, though he claims Wright won't be tradeable for three months. That's actually wrong from what I understand, and would make a huge difference in terms of a possible trade with the Warriors. Per the excellent Larry Coon CBA FAQ:
    Generally, a player cannot be traded until three months after signing a contract or December 15th of that season, whichever is later. This does not apply to draft picks, who can be traded 30 days after signing their contract.
  • Agent Mark Bartelstein said that while both Mo Williams and Charlie Bell want to re-sign, neither is close to re-signing.

Columnist Jim Stingl at the JS is doing his part to welcome Yi to Milwaukee.

Yes, Milwaukee's population is less than 1% Chinese, and our Asian Moon Festival went dark last year. Feel free to invite your 1.3 billion countrymen over for a visit, but wait until the Marquette Interchange is done.

Please don't judge us from 7,000 miles and 13 time zones away. Come to this place we love, the best city you've barely heard of. Give us a chance to win you over.

Maybe we could rename the town Milwaukyi, but that's our final offer.

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