Monday, July 16, 2007

Free Agency Continued

  • Charles Gardner and the JS pick up on the Desmond Mason negotiations, but nothing that Woelfel didn't already report last night.
  • The unsubstantiated chatter is that the Desmond Mason deal being discussed would be for two years; nothing official on that front yet though and the dollar figure is still a question mark. While I doubt there's a huge market for Desmond--plenty of swingmen are still out there--the fact that both sides sound so optimistic suggests that it has to be a pretty good deal for Desmond. And if it's only two years in length--at 29 Desmond would certainly prefer a longer deal--then I have to guess it's going to be for at least the MLE (more than $11 million over two seasons). Not exactly a bargain for a guy like Mason, but at least it wouldn't be a long-term deal and he'd have value in the second year if only as an expiring contract to use in a trade. Something tells me it's going to end up being a three year deal when all is said and done, but maybe I'm just being paranoid.
  • Ilyasova's deal is being reported in the Spanish press as a two year deal with a player option for the third, which would mean the Bucks could bring back a more seasoned Ersan as Desmond's contract is expiring if it's of the same length. We'll see if the deals actually end up being so conveniently structured.

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