Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Mo Williams Contract Details

The Mo Williams Show: Expect these two to be filming a sequel this fall

Mo Williams' new contract will pay him $51.5 million over six years, with player options for the fifth and sixth years. In other words, expect Mo to opt out and look for a bigger deal should he actually play as well as the Bucks hope he can. I haven't seen the way the annual salaries are structured but it will be interesting to see if the deal is front-loaded (like Kirk Hinrich's deal), flat, or with the max allowable 10.5% raises. With Bogut and Villanueva being up for extensions next summer front-loading Mo's deal could give them more breathing room against the luxury tax down the road. But that would also mean Mo would be more likely to opt out after four years, increasing the effective average he will be paid over the first four years. I'd much rather save the money now and make Mo's decision to opt out more difficult.

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