Sunday, June 17, 2007

Australian Article on Bogut

  • Pretty long piece on Bogut in the Australian The Age. Some of the same stuff we're used to hearing--how he doesn't buy into the NBA culture, how many NBA players get carried away with the lifestyle, etc. It also mentions his penchant for playing poker at Potawatomi.
  • TMJ4 has a video feature on Bobby Simmons' comeback. So we know he's shooting and dribbling balls slowly around the court, but otherwise there's very little insight into how far he is from returning. There was a rumor he could start running next month. The best indication of how confident the Bucks are in Simmons' return may be on draft night--if Jeff Green, Corey Brewer or Julian Wright gets called when the Bucks pick 6th, it might be a strong indication the Bucks aren't counting on Simmons to be in the starting lineup come November.

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