Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Thursday Bucks Notes

The Bucks are apparently getting plenty of offers for their 6th overall pick, though it's unclear how close anything is to getting done. Especially with Horford and Conley being favorites for the 3rd and 4th picks and Yi playing chicken with the Bucks, it's looking increasingly likely the Bucks won't be in love with any of the players available at six. Brandan and Julian Wright as well as Al Thornton are sliding into the mid- to late-lottery and all had workouts with the Bucks, so presumably they would be targets if the Bucks traded down with the Bulls (9th) or Sixers (12th).

  • The latest rumor is that parts of Atlanta's ownership with business ties in China are strongly pushing for Yi at the 3rd pick, but Billy Knight prefers Al Horford. Wow, Billy Knight has become the voice of reason?
  • If Horford slips past Atlanta, then presumably the Grizzlies would have to decide between Conley and Horford. Noah had also been rumored to be in competition with Conley for the pick once Horford became the consensus #3, but now the JS is reporting that Corey Brewer has become a late favorite as well, though who knows what sources Enlund is using since none of the national writers have picked up on it. The Hawks taking Yi and Grizz taking Brewer or Noah would be something of a dream scenario for the Bucks, who are rumored to have Horford, Conley, Yi and Green in the 3-6 spots on their board. That scenario would guarantee the Bucks at least Conley, or, dare I say it, Al Horford. OK, I need to calm down.
  • With Danny Ainge suggesting the Celtics will likely keep their pick, many are now suggesting Yi will go to the C's should Atlanta pass on him. Most haven't even considered the idea of Al Horford slipping to 5, so it would be interesting to see if Boston went that direction should Horford be available. MSNBC has a long article on Yi with some interesting notes on the NBA's growing business there. It seems increasinly certain Yi will be in the NBA next year, but that doesn't mean his agent/Nike/his Chinese handlers won't do their best to force a trade should the Bucks have the balls to pick him.
  • Sixers GM Billy King didn't deny offering a package involving the 12th and 21st picks for the Bucks 6th, presumably for the purpose of taking either Jeff Green or Yi Jianlian.
  • The Dallas papers are claiming Devin Harris could be shipped to the Bucks for the sixth pick, as the Mavericks are supposedly desperate to move into the lottery. I suppose Harris' local ties and defensive reputation would be the appeal from the Bucks' perspective, but this deal wouldn't have much appeal to me unless we knew Mo Williams was gone. The same could be said of drafting Conley, but at this point I don't know of anyone who would prefer Harris over Conley either.
  • Andy Katz was quoted in the Oregonian saying that Portland had offered Jarrett Jack and Joel Pryzbilla (!) for the sixth pick and Dan Gadzuric. While the Bucks would certainly love to dump Gadzuric's deal, it again seems odd for the Bucks to go after a young PG when they can just re-sign Mo Williams. Pryzbilla is in a similar boat to Gadzuric--close to an MLE deal for a center getting strictly backup minutes--but he's a much better defender and shot-blocker. Still, bringing Joel back to his first NBA team doesn't seem enough of an upgrade to justify the deal.
  • Jonathan Givony on the latest DX Podcast noted that he'd heard about a potential Warriors offer of Andris Biedrins for the 6th pick, but questioned why the Warriors would trade Biedrins given he's their only reliable rebounder/defender down low. I agree; I'd take that trade in a second.

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