Thursday, June 7, 2007

Mason Open to Return

Desmond Mason's agent has named the Bucks as a possible destination for the free agent swingman (RealGM).

"Desmond has a familiarity with Milwaukee; he knows Milwaukee and his experience there was pleasant,” Roger Montgomery, Mason's agent, told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. "And he'd have an interest in coming back because of Michael Redd. They have a relationship that goes beyond basketball. I'm sure they'd like to play with each other again.”Mason averaged 13.7 points and 4.6 rebounds last season for the Hornets. He's looking to get a bump from his $8 million a season salary.

"The thing that would have to interest Milwaukee -- and I'm not trying to oversell Desmond; I'm just being honest about the situation -- is that Desmond's strength is defense,” Montgomery said. "When you look at Milwaukee, their weakness is definitely defense. "Desmond is going to work hard and play defense every game. Desmond personifies defense.”

These quotes were first reported when Gery Woelfel spoke to Mason a month ago, and it appears Mason's anger with Larry Harris is now water under the bridge. I think Mason's defense was slightly overrated, though that might also have something to do with him frequently playing slightly out of position at the 3 rather than 2. Clearly his leadership and effort level would be a big positive for the Bucks, and while he wasn't particularly effective at either position last season, he was better defensively at the 2. Should the Bucks pick Conley or one of the PFs in the draft, Mason could be a free agent target once the Mo/Bell signings are decided on. Still, at this point in his career he projects more as a sparkplug off the bench rather than a starter.

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