Monday, June 18, 2007

Jeff Green, Thad Young Are In

Georgetown junior Jeff Green and Georgia Tech freshman Thaddeus Young will each remain in the draft. Green has been talked about going as high as fifth to the Celtics or sixth to the Bucks, so it's unlikely another year could have done much to help his draft stock. However, Green's return to Georgetown would have made the Hoyas a favorite come March, so it's understandable he might have been tempted to go back for his senior season. Taking Green would give the Bucks depth at the small forward spot, and he could also provide spot minutes at the 4, so the Bucks' wilingness to take him will likely also depend on how confident they are Bobby Simmons can be healthy. Check out his scouting video below:

Young meanwhile would potentially have a lot to gain from another year at Georgia Tech, as he's currently projected as a top 15-20 type. Here he is winning the Jordan Classic MVP a year ago:

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