Monday, June 25, 2007

Corey Brewer? Probably Not

NBA All-Access: Corey Brewer works out for the Bucks

The latest Consensus Mock has the Bucks taking Corey Brewer, but given what we've heard in the past weeks I'm not sold the Bucks would take Brewer over Jeff Green (projected 8th) or Brandan Wright (projected 5th). It sounds as though the 5th pick will come down to Yi or Jeff Green, who also played with Doc Rivers' son at Georgetown.

Corey Brewer Draft Profile

While Michael Redd played the majority of his minutes at SF last year, it stands to reason the Bucks would prefer to move him back to primarily the 2 spot if possible. That could happen if Bobby Simmons were healthy, but that's still a big "if" given Simmons has yet to start running at full speed. While Brewer played mostly as a forward at Florida, his lean frame seems better suited to the 2 position at least early in his career. Because Brewer's value is largely based on the assumption that he can immediately contribute on the defensive end, I think the Bucks' willingness to take him over a purer SF like Green or an eventual PF like Wright will largely depend on whether he can defend both the shooting guard and small forward positions. If the Bucks think Brewer is best suited to playing the same position as Redd, is he really so far ahead of everyone else that you take him and worry about it later? I like Brewer, but I'm not sure he has enough going in his favor to trump Green and Wright in that regard.

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