Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bucks Roster Measurements

Around this time of year everyone becomes obsessed with wingspans and max verticals--anything to give us a better sense of a player's capabilities and how they might translate into the NBA. Those numbers aren't readily available for current NBA players, but DraftExpress has conveniently put together a database of all pre-draft combine measurements since 2000. While the vertical and agility tests are only available for the last few years, I thought it'd be interesting to put together all the data for the current Bucks.

  • Ersan has exceptional length--his wingspan and standing reach are close to that of Bogut, who despite his lack of shot-blocking has decent length for a seven-footer.
  • Bobby Simmons is listed at 6'6" in the NBA despite the fact that it's standard practice to list heights with shoes on--which would put Bobby at 6'8" (rounding up of course).
  • Charlie Villanueva apparently wore flip-flops to his measurements because he gains only a half inch with shoes. In spite of his 6'9.5" measurement he's now listed at 6'11".
  • Mo Williams is listed at 6'1" despite being 6'2" at the combine.

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