Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Wednesday Bucks Notes

Chuck Gardner is working overtime at the JS...thank you, Chuck!

  • Al Thornton had his workout Tuesday. I'm guessing Thornton is a fallback plan in case they trade down, as he would be a shock at the sixth spot.
  • Dave Babcock sheds some light on the Yi situation, Joakim Noah and trade rumors. He notes they won't draft Noah because he "wouldn't be happy here," and that a Phoenix trade offer for the sixth pick went nowhere. Perhaps most interestingly, he restates the Bucks' continued interest in Yi:

    "Yi is a situation where some of his advisers are not letting us work him out," Babcock said. "I don't think that's the kid. If he's there at 6, we will strongly consider him.

    What if Yi's advisers opt to hold him out, if the Bucks decide to select him?

    "That's the game of chess we have to play," Babcock said. "We'll see. You don't want to pass on a great player. He would fit our team. He'd come right in, and you'd have Yi and Charlie Villanueva as your 4 men. He'd give you length and shooting."

  • On the subject of Yi, a Chinese poster over at RealGM found an interesting quote from the GM of Yi's club team, the Guangdong Tigers. With the caveat that this could be poorly translated, it at least suggests the unlikeliness of him returning to China if he doesn't get picked by a "desirable" team:
    "From the first day Jianlian declared for draft, I have said: 'I don't want Jianlian to come back to the CBA.' For example, just like you send your kids to college, you sure don't want him to come back in one year without graduating. Wouldn't that be a joke?"
  • Here are the details of the Bucks' draft party.
  • If you need 10 more reasons to like Yi, here's some video evidence:

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