Saturday, June 30, 2007

Bucks/China Summer League Schedule

NBATV and will be covering a ton of games from the Vegas Summer League. Both the Bucks and Yi's Chinese National Team will be participating, and not surprisingly the Chinese team is getting more TV coverage than the Bucks. The two teams will not be playing against each other however.

While Yi will be playing with his Chinese teammates, I think it was reported somewhere that 2nd rounder Ramon Sessions, David Noel, Lynn Greer and Damir Markota will be playing for the Bucks. Bobby Simmons has also said he would like to play though he probably won't be ready. Charlie Villanueva will accompany the team to Vegas but will not play as he's still recovering from his shoulder surgery; fortunately you don't need two arms to hit up the casinos. I'm unclear if Ersan will be there, as he's been working out with the Bucks all summer but has Turkish national team games upcoming.

All Times Eastern:
Fri, 7/6@8 - China v. Grizzlies (NBATV, Webcast)
Sat, 7/7@10 - China v. Kings (Webcast)
Sun, 7/8@6 - Bucks v. Lakers (Webcast)
Sun, 7/8@8 - China v. Cavs (NBATV, Webcast)
Tue, 7/10@10 - China v. Knicks (NBATV, Webcast)
Wed, 7/11@8:30 - Bucks v. Sonics (Webcast)
Wed, 7/11@10 - China v. Celtics (NBATV, Webcast)
Thu, 7/12@8:30 - Bucks v. Hornets (Webcast)
Fri, 7/13@8 - Bucks v. Celtics (NBATV, Webcast)
Sun, 7/15@4 - Bucks v. Wizards (NBATV, Webcast)

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thanks for doing what you're doing. Interesting week but I'm looking forward to November again.