Sunday, October 14, 2007

Bucks Fall to Jazz

The Bucks dropped their first BC game of the preseason 92-78 to the Jazz. I listened to most of the game on the radio, so I can't give that much insight into how the team looked, but overall it was an extremely sloppy game. Bobby Simmons did not play, though I haven't seen anything suggesting it was due to injury...let's hope that holds. Mo Williams returned from missing the last game to score 22 pts along with 5 assists, but he also had 6 TOs in 33 minutes. Redd had an interesting stat line, tallying more rebounds (6) than field goal attempts (5) in 24 minutes. And he even blocked a shot! I can't say I'm concerned with Redd's low key preseason so far; he's clearly trying to be more than a scorer, but I doubt once the season starts he'll continue to avoid doing the thing he does best. He does appear serious about keeping teammates involved and bringing more defensive intensity, so hopefully he can do that while still pouring in the points at an efficient clip.

Bogut quietly had a very encouraging line in 22 minutes: 10 points including 4/4 from the line as well as 7 rebounds and 4, count 'em, 4 blocks. Yi meanwhile had another very uneven game, scoring 13 points but racking up a cringe-worthy 8 turnovers. That was a theme for the night, as the Bucks totaled a staggering 30 turnovers. On a positive note, they held the Jazz to only 37.7% from the field.

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