Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wednesday Bucks Notes

  • The Bucks are in Salt Lake City to take on the Jazz tonight at 8 pm CT. It will be interesting to see how LK mixes up the lineups on the second day of a preseason back-to-back. I'm hoping we see more of Bogut playing with CV/Yi, since those two are the candidates for the starting PF job. It would also be good to get a glimpse of Ramon Sessions after last night's DNP. Listen to the game for free on NBA Audio League Pass, or watch it on Sopcast. After tonight the Bucks play the Jazz again on Saturday at the BC.
  • Watch highlights of last night's game from
  • In Tom Enlund's game recap, Larry Krystkowiak explains his decision to start Dan Gadzuric. When LK was hired he promised that defense would be rewarded, so given it's preseason I don't mind trying out some different looks--even if I'd prefer to see something other than a Gadz/Bogut starting 4/5 combo once the season starts.
    "I think Des and Danny G. have brought as much to the table in terms of energy as anybody so . . . it's early in the season, but it's just to make the statement that we're going to reward some of that," Krystkowiak said.

    Gadzuric is one of a number of candidates at whom Krystkowiak is looking as a running mate for Bogut at the power positions.

    "They've certainly been bringing it in practice in the same package," Krystkowiak said. "Danny's been relentless up and down the floor and on the glass. And I don't think it will hurt (Bogut) to not have to shoulder the burden with all the energy. We're just in the opening process of trying to figure what makes sense."

  • Noah and Yi trained together before the draft, so it was an interesting matchup to watch. Yi was pretty contrite after the game about his performance.
    "The goal is to get better, and I mean that's what I would say to him," Noah said. "It doesn't have anything to do with me playing better than him."
  • For the Bulls perspective, head over to Blog a Bull.
  • Check out the JS photo gallery from the game.
  • Bob Wolfley writes Andrew Bogut continues to clarify his controversial comments from earlier in the summer. I didn't think it was a huge deal in the first place, but it's understandable that people get riled up when comments come anywhere close to having racial overtones.

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