Sunday, October 7, 2007

Monday Bucks Notes

Bogut and Redd showed up for Yi's welcome reception

  • Herb Kohl was among the big names at Yi Jianlian welcome reception at the Bradley Center Sunday afternoon, with Michael Redd and Andrew Bogut also showing their support for their new teammate. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett was also in attendance and declared Sunday Yi Jianlian Day. The Yi Fan Clubs sponsored the event, and you can check out a couple pictures here.
  • Tom Enlund writes that Larry Krystkowiak is pleased with the team's progress so far, and gave the team a day off Sunday following the open scrimmage on Saturday.
    "I was real pleased with it," said Krystkowiak. "There's been a lot of competition in practice and a very high energy level. We've worked a lot on defense. I would say three-quarters of our practices have been focused on defense. We haven't spent a whole lot of time offensively so maybe from that perspective, everybody's trying to find their way a little bit. So it's not always a well-oiled machine offensively in terms of things clicking.

    "The guys have been working really, really hard. It's been encouraging to see that and one of the things we've talked about for over a year is injuries. And here we sit after a week of practices and two-a-days and everybody's healthy. So hopefully, we've exorcised some of those demons as well."
  • More impressions from the scrimmage: Alex at Boeder Bucks and Brett from The Bratwurst.
  • Looks like the official Bucks roster is updated with new weight measurements. The most notable change is Andrew Bogut being listed at 260, compared to 245 previously. If I recall correctly Bogut came in at a top-heavy 255 last year, but his weight appears more evenly distributed this year.
  • Enlund also notes that the reason for the size mismatch in the scrimmage--Bogut, Gadzuric and Voskuhl were all on the same team--was because the coaches drafted the players. I'm not sure why they wouldn't just step back and pick teams that might reflect who will be playing together during the season, but what do I know.
  • CBS 58 has a short video segment on Desmond Mason's return. Jack McCallum at SI meanwhile think the Mason signing will pay dividends for the Bucks this season, though he might be overrating Desmond's offensive game at this point.
    The one signing that didn't get enough attention was Desmond Mason, a former Slam Dunk champion, returning to Milwaukee. I'm not suggesting it's a balance-of-power- changer in the East, but swingman Mason is a proven double-figure scorer who had his best pro season in Milwaukee in 2004-05 when he averaged 17.2 points per game. Combine the acquisition with their retention of guards Charlie Bell and Mo Williams, and the Bucks had a promising offseason. Now, if they can only find a way to make Yi Jianlian happy in Suds City ...

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