Sunday, October 21, 2007

Monday Bucks Notes

Welcome back, Scott.

  • This was first mentioned on Paschketball, but now Bob Wolfley at the JS is reporting the hiring of former Buck Scott Williams as a studio analyst for FSN Wisconsin. Like they did with the Brewers, FSN's Bucks pre- and postgame shows will be hosted by Craig Coshun. Scott will also broadcast select games with Jim & Jon. My dad got the chance to meet Scott through work years ago and had nothing but great things to say about him--a common theme when people talk about Scott. He spent the past two seasons as a color commentator for the Cavs at FSN Ohio. If you remember him from his time with the Bucks, you won't be surprised to hear that he has a great sense of humor on air.
  • Bobby Simmons talks about how his foot. Keep knocking on wood, people.

    "It felt pretty good," Simmons said. "But it's still pre-season. When we get back on the road, I hope I'll be able to play in the next game.

    "Everybody played together and we had fun, and that's what it's all about. Coming back at home to play in front of our fans, we got the bugs out."

  • Jim Paschke also has a cool look back at Larry Krystkowiak as a player. I started watching the Bucks right as LK was finishing his time in Milwaukee, so it was interesting seeing his highlight reel after all these years. And you have to say that his scouting report as a player is exactly what he's bringing to the team as a coach.
  • Tom Enlund writes about LK's thoughts on rotations and his mindset during the Wolves game. One interesting note is that LK prefers Mason at the 3:
    Krystkowiak found himself with an interesting guard combination in the second quarter, with Bell playing point guard and Mason at shooting guard. Simmons was manning the small forward spot at the time. Krystkowiak, though, said the Bell-Mason guard combination wasn't necessarily something he was looking to repeat.

    "I wasn't really thinking about the long term," he said. "I think that was just kind of the way it fell. I think those guys can play (together) but I see Des as more of a (small forward) probably than a (shooting guard). Those two positions are fairly interchangeable."

  • Ty over at Bucks Diary examines the Bucks' improved defense and checks in with preseason player efficiency ratings.
  • Alex at Boeder Bucks tries to sort out the starting PF situation. If you've been reading for a while you probably know I've been hoping CV does enough to claim the starting spot, in part so Yi can face a little less pressure off the bat. But I have to say it's looking increasingly likely Yi stakes a claim to the starting PF spot, with the possibility of Dan Gadzuric starting some nights for matchup reasons. Part of that is Yi playing well, part of that is CV not playing great--though remember he floated through the preseason last year too and then was exception at the start of the season. Still, if Yi plays as well in the next few games as did on Saturday then you have to like his chances. UPDATE: Tom Enlund tackles the same story.
  • To see some video of Yi against the Wolves, check out the Chinese news report here.

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