Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Training Camp: Day 1

  • Gery Woelfel writes that Larry Krystkowiak isn't messing around in his first training camp as head coach.
    Tuesday’s practice was, in a word, intense. It was unquestionably one of the most intense first-day practices ever conducted by a Bucks head coach.

    Krystkowiak liked the way his minions responded. “The energy level is incredible,’’ Krystkowiak said. “Opening indications were pretty positive.’’
  • Charles Gardner reports Larry Krystkowiak is holding off on getting into specific schemes until Yi Jianlian arrives at camp on Thursday, however.
    "We're not getting too carried away, maybe getting a little of the rust off and conditioning," Bucks coach Larry Krystkowiak said. "It's not a big concern with him after playing all summer.

    "We're not getting too involved with our schemes and our sets so that we end up teaching it now and we teach it again Thursday. I'm staying generic with the offense, and then we'll pick it up again on Thursday when he gets here."
  • Woelfel also notes that Michael Redd, who looked trimmer playing for Team USA this summer, checked in weighing 218 pounds with 9% body fat, compared to 230 pounds and 19% body fat last year at this time. Attribute that in part to playing for Team USA, part to Redd knowing he probably won't play as much small forward this year, and part to Redd trying his hardest to improve yet again.
  • Andrew Bogut's personal coach since his teenage years, Sinisa Markovic, is staying with Bogut for the time being after working him out all summer in Australia. Markovic flew to Wisconsin midway through last season after Bogut began to struggle with his confidence.
  • Mo Williams left practice briefly with a sore left shoulder but later returned; he missed time last year due to issues with the same shoulder. Stay tuned.
  • And for those still wondering about the Chinese community in Milwaukee, consider that Yi has not one, but TWO fan clubs that are vying for his affection in Wisconsin. There's yifansclub.org as well as yifansclub.com, so at least they managed to pick the same name. Both will be in Chicago to greet Yi when he arrives tomorrow and both are sponsoring a special reception for Yi at the Bradley Center on Sunday night from 4-6 pm, with guests including Senator Kohl, Gov. Doyle, and of course Yi himself. The .org one also teamed up with the Bucks to offer discounted tickets to the home opener and the Yao/Yi matchup in February. So I guess that means score one for yifansclub.org.
  • Gardner reports Charlie Bell is happy to be back in camp with the Bucks.

    "I've always been there for my team and for my coaches," Bell said. "Some of the other stuff that happened, it's over, and I'm just trying to move on.

    "Right now it's tough, and it's going to take a while. But at the same time, my teammates need me. That's why I'm here. It's a business. That's what I learned throughout the summer, and I'm going to approach it the same way."

    I haven't been particularly concerned about Bell being able to play well after everything that was said during his contract negotiation, as it just doesn't seem like Bell's style to half-ass anything. But even though it'd be convenient to put on a happy face now that it's over, Bell has been pretty consistent and doesn't appear ready to do a 180 anytime soon. I guess he deserves some credit for staying true to his word, but that also means fans who were rubbed the wrong way by Bell's MySpace posturing will likely be a little slower to come back around. I don't think Bell needs to apologize, nor do I expect fans to take it out on Bell when the games start. He's a part of the team and everyone needs to move on, Bell included.

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