Saturday, October 13, 2007

Saturday Bucks Notes

  • The Bucks take on the Jazz at the Bradley Center tonight at 7:30 CT. Larry Harris and Larry Krystkowiak have both spoken about the emphasis the Bucks will put on defending their homecourt this year, and that begins tonight. Sort of.
    "We're just hoping we can get out in front of the home crowd and make some steps in a positive direction and gets some people excited about our team," said Krystkowiak. "The guys have worked really hard for 10 days and now we hope people would maybe peak their curiosity about it. And certainly we need to start thinking about – exhibition or regular season, it really doesn’t matter – it doesn’t make any difference, it’s our home court. We need to kind of get in the flow of how we’re going to protect our home court."
  • Aside from defense, one of the main criticisms of the 06/07 Bucks was the mercenary attitude a number of players showed on the offensive end. While scoring points usually wasn't a problem last year, Larry Krystkowiak would prefer the Bucks bring a more unselfish approach this year.

    So along with the defensive mentality that Krystkowiak has been trying to pound into his players' minds, he is also trying to get them to discard the "me-first" attitude on offense that was so prevalent last season.

    "We've got an emphasis on it," point guard Mo Williams said. "It's a big emphasis. He lets us know when we don't. The main thing is guys want to do it and when we don't he reminds us. We're making an effort to move the ball and help each other on the offensive end."

    Said guard Michael Redd: "The trust factor has got to be a key. Offensively, if there's a wide-open man, hit him."

  • Charles Gardner writes that Yi Jianlian is getting more comfortable in his new home.
    "These teammates are veterans, and they know what they should do," Yi said. "When I do a good job, they encourage me. When I do something wrong, they will correct me and give me a chance."
  • Darrell Moody writes that Ramon Sessions is loving this whole NBA thing. And Mo Williams is helping:
    "Mo said he was a second-round draft pick, and that nobody took him under their wing," Sessions said. "He helps me. We talk about the game, and he's taken me out to dinner.

    "A lot of certain little things I've learned that I didn't know. You don't have to come down and go fast all the time."

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