Thursday, October 4, 2007

Friday Bucks Notes

Larry Krystkowiak on the 07/08 Bucks: "No turds"

  • I challenge you to find a better quote from Bucks camp--or perhaps any other--than what Larry Krystkowiak told Gery Woelfel about the team's offseason additions:
    "We didn’t bring in any turds.’
  • Yi had his first day of camp today. CBS 58 has some video, and you can also heck out some pictures here and a bunch more here. While he was likely pretty exhausted from everything that's happened over the past two days, it sounds like things are off to a good start and that there won't be much of a communication issue.
    Yi, who speaks English quite well, said he did not have any major problems communicating with his teammates or the coaches.

    "Most of what they say, I understand," Yi said. "They're all very nice guys, and they took care of me.

    "This is the second time I met with coach K, and he's giving me a lot of details, about what I should learn here. He's doing a great job."

    When Yi arrived at his hotel in Milwaukee on Wednesday night, he spent some time going over the Bucks' offense and the vocabulary the team uses in running plays.

    "We sent him some things a few weeks ago so he could look over it, and it was obvious he studied some of that," Krystkowiak said. "He was able to get out and play and have fun. He had a smile on his face, and he fit right in with our guys."

  • Desmond Mason isn't planning to cut Yi any slack when it comes to hazing:

    "I think that's the one part he'll have to get adjusted to," forward Desmond Mason said, flashing a devious smile. "Carrying other people's bags and shoes and getting doughnuts. We might have him sing a little bit. Maybe a little outfit or costume or something for Halloween. And we're not even close. You haven't heard the good part yet."

    After all, what are teammates for?

    "It's always fun," Mason said. "You do rookies like that because you had to do it as a rookie but at the end of the day, you look out for him, too."

  • Royal Ivey might find his minutes limited if Charlie Bell is used as the primary backup PG, so it's nice to hear he's having a strong camp so far. Offense has always been the big question mark on Ivey, but playing with a bunch of scorers who can create for themselves might allow Ivey's defensive skills to earn him some minutes.
    The 6-4 Ivey has displayed a knack for making steals and playing stifling defense in team drills.

    "He works his tail off, and he's definitely a defensive-minded guy," Bucks coach Larry Krystkowiak said. "He can run a club."

  • Play-by-Play mainstay Jim Paschke has started blogging again at Having watched basketball on League Pass the past few seasons, I can honestly say Jim and Jon are among the best local broadcast teams out there--sure, it's obvious who they're rooting for, but they clearly do their homework and always give credit where it's due.
  • The incomparable Rod Benson has some great stories from Nets camp, including a primer on understanding the Lil' Jon-esque Jamaal Magloire (from TrueHoop):
    I have composed a short list of these sounds/sayings and what they mean:

    When you hear this, it means that he was just fouled, probably while attempting a shot.
    This means he has just blocked a shot.
    Sounds similar to the seagulls from "finding nemo". You hear this when he grabs a rebound.
    4. "YESSS!"
    He is open. Get him the coddamn ball.

    Now, he can combine these as well. For example: if you hear "NOO MIINNEE" it means he blocked a shot and rebounded it. You get what I'm saying?

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